Are there two or three day group lesson options?

Don't want a full week of ski school and only want a couple of days group lessons? This article will help clear things up for you.

Most ski schools in France offer group courses for a package of 5 or 6 days. This gives you the best chance to set off on the right foot (or ski).

There are a selection of ski schools that are more flexible and will allow you to book individual days. These schools are usually based in Switzerland, Austria or Germany.

If there is no available option to book individual days, you can book onto the full 5 or 6 days course and only attend the first few consecutive days. As a beginner, you would need to join the class at the start of the week to ensure that you learn at the same pace as the rest of the group.

If you are an advanced skier the ski schools may allow you to join the class mid-week, however this will need to be authorised prior, to ensure they will have the correct group, for your ability mid-week.

If you choose to attend just a few days you will still need to purchase the full package of lessons. Unfortunately, any unused days are non-refundable.