Do I need travel/ski insurance?

Absolutely! It's important to ensure you're prepared for all scenarios.

While we hope you won't need it, being prepared is always wise!

A comprehensive travel insurance policy is essential, so ensure it includes coverage for winter sports.

If you need to cancel due to illness or injury, or if you need to cancel before arriving, your insurance will help cover the costs.

Providers will typically guide you to your insurance company for refund requests.

If you arrive at the resort without valid insurance, consider purchasing it with your lift pass. In France, for example, this is known as 'carre neige'. While it covers various situations depending on the resort, it's important not to rely solely on it as not all resorts/countries will offer this option. A comprehensive travel insurance policy is the best option.

Recap: Ensure you're fully covered, as lessons are typically non-refundable in most cases, especially once in resort.