How many people are in my group lesson?

Each ski school has a different maximum number of participants in each class. This can vary from 4 - 12 participants depending on the school, class and resort you have chosen.

To find out how many people are in the class you have chosen, take a look at the Key Information box on the right hand side of the product page.

This shows the maximum number of participants that the school will allow in the class.

Often you may find that your class has not reached its maximum capacity and there will be fewer participants in the group.

Please note that if the school does not reach a minimum quota for the group lesson, they have the right to alter or cancel the course. Some schools will reduce the number of hours and days that the course runs for, and others will offer you private lessons as an alternative.

Occasionally, two groups may be combined for lessons, typically when both groups have similar abilities. Instructors organise this to ensure the best lessons and progression for all participants involved. By bringing together groups with similar skill levels, instructors can optimise the learning experience and provide tailored instruction to suit the collective abilities of both groups. Combining two groups for lessons can often result in an even lower ratio of participants to instructors overall.