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Mixing skiers and snowboarders in one lesson?

What to do if you have a mix of ski and snowboarder and want to book a private lesson.

In group lessons, disciplines will always be split. When booking group lessons, you'll need to choose either a ski group or a snowboarding group.

In private lessons, it's possible to mix skiers and snowboarders. However, instructors won't take out a group with a mixture of skiers and snowboarders if they're all beginners. This is because the instructor needs to be on the correct equipment to assist and demonstrate exercises effectively.

If you are looking to be guided rather than a lesson for progression, you will need to choose the equipment that the instructor will take the lesson on. Often instructors can do both disciplines and so will be able to still offer hints and tips.

For specific off-piste lessons, you will need to ensure the instructor is happy to take mixed skiers and snowboarders.

If you are unsure whether the provider you want will allow this, then please get in touch.