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Morning lessons vs Afternoon Lessons?

If your preferred option isn't available, here's why you should consider the alternative:

While morning lessons are commonly preferred for several reasons such as making the most of the day, enjoying fresh snow conditions, and aligning with children's normal schedules, there are compelling reasons to consider afternoon lessons as well:

  1. Snow conditions: Later in the day, the snow can be softer and more enjoyable for skiing, especially if mornings have hard-packed snow conditions, especially later in the season.

  2. Reduced crowds: Afternoon lessons often mean fewer people on the mountain, providing more space on the slopes and shorter lift queues.

  3. Extended time for progression: With afternoon lessons, you have more time on the piste with your instructor due to the reduced crowds, allowing for better understanding and development in your skiing or snowboarding skills.

  4. Consider your children's schedules: Mornings can be rushed, but why not slow down the pace on holiday? Morning lessons might mean a later lunch for most children. Instead, why not opt for a relaxed morning, enjoy lunch at a normal hour, and then have an afternoon lesson? This could lead to a pleasant dinner and an early night after an active day on the slopes.
  5. Flexibility for other activities: Booking activities in the mornings is common, such as Husky rides, yoga; leaving afternoons free for skiing. This can also help in not overindulging during lunch 😜

Ultimately, both morning and afternoon lessons offer unique advantages, and the choice depends on individual preferences and priorities. However, it's essential not to overlook the alternative option. The most crucial factor is to ensure you have a lesson, regardless of the time slot?