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Can our group have the same instructor despite our different skill levels?

When booking a private lesson, it's important that all participants have a similar ability level to make the most of the learning experience.

In the event of mixed abilities, the lesson will be conducted at the lowest level for safety reasons, potentially limiting the benefits for those with higher skill levels.

It will be less of a lesson and more a guiding, experience offering hints and tips,- therefore if you are a more experienced skier you wont take a lot of benefit from the lesson and will need to remain on the beginner slopes, if for example members of your group are at a beginner level.

To ensure the lesson meets your expectations, it's wise to communicate with the instructor beforehand. If you're open to skiing at the lowest level in the group, you can specify this in the "message to provider" during checkout.

In some instances, the instructor may opt to divide the lesson to provide tailored instruction, catering to each participant's needs. 

Based on our experience, if there's a significant gap in skill levels and you seek a progressive lesson, we recommend considering separate instructors. This approach can better accommodate diverse skill levels and support each participant's learning journey effectively.

Group lessons, on the other hand, don't accommodate varying skill levels. You'll be placed in a group according to your level.