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Ski Instructor or Mountain Guide?

Ski instructor or mountain guide? What is the difference?

A mountain guide is not qualified to give technical ski instruction on-piste. (Unless they have both qualifications.)

However, they are far more qualified than a ski instructor for different reasons when you are looking to explore the terrain away from the pistes!

While ski instructors can take you off piste, a mountain guide goes far beyond free-riding.
A mountain guide is an alpinist, rock climber, ski tourer, ice climber and high mountain alpinist.

A mountain guide is best suited to off-piste skiers and snowboarders. Their focus is to safely take you to the best areas for free ride skiing and snowboarding. They go through vigorous training to minimise risk and riding with a certified guide is without a doubt the safest way to go off piste.

They will know the area like the back of their hand, typically spending the whole year living in the mountains.

They're pretty cool people with zero fear factor 🤙