Things to consider when booking for your children!

When it comes to children, we understand there are many questions! Here are some answers to a few:

Is there anything I need to give to my child for their lesson? A bottle of water?

  • You will need to make sure your child is armed with their lift pass and a big smile :-) 
  • You will also need to make sure they have about €5 in their pocket. If the instructor makes a small toilet break, then children can enjoy a warming hot chocolate.
  • A cereal bar will save you a small fortune at the vending machines! 

Is there anything I need to give to my child for their lesson? A bottle of water?

Can I stay with my child during their lesson? It's their first time, I’m sure they will be nervous and prefer me there.

  • In our experience it is better to leave your child with a big smile and a warm hug. The instructors are fun and professional, capable of leading the children during their lessons. If there are any issues they will contact you promptly. So enjoy some ski time and look forward to their stories over lunch! Maybe even some great jokes, the instructors are armed with many :-)
  • It's wise to talk about what will occur when your child attends their lesson before their first day. You can mention that you'll be dropping them off to make new friends, much like at school or daycare. Let them know you'll be skiing alongside them to learn together. Just like at school, where children are with peers their age, adults ski with adults for similar reasons. Reassure them that you're eager to hear all about their experiences and what they enjoyed most each day!

What happens if the level isn’t correct and my child is in the wrong group?

  • When booking, use our level guide to select the appropriate ability level for your child. On the first day, instructors will always take the time to ensure each child is placed in the perfect group for them.
  • During the week instructors may move children up or down groups to ensure progression and fun for the children.
  • It's important to remember that instructors are on the mountain every day throughout winter, and some even during the summer! They have extensive knowledge in their field and prioritise the safety of the children and their group. Additionally, they collaborate with other instructors across different groups. So, if you have any questions about your child's placement level, don't hesitate to approach their instructor—they'll be able to reassure you. While children may enjoy the thrill of speed and believe they can tackle all runs, it's essential to consider safety and proper technique. Instructors ensure children progress safely and learn the correct techniques.