What category ski/ snowboard should I book?

Here is a quick over view:

When booking your ski equipment, you should select the category based on your skiing ability and preferences. Skiset offers various categories tailored to different skill levels and styles.

- EVOLUTION: For beginners or those looking for comfort and stability, the "Evolution" category is ideal, offering user-friendly and forgiving equipment. The Evolution category is perfect for those discovering the thrills of skiing on green and blue slopes primarily.
In this category, we offer skis:
• that are manageable and reliable, even on hard snow
• that help you progress while having fun
For all learning skiers/snowboarders looking for a reliable and reassuring product.

- PERFORMANCE: Intermediate skiers may opt for the "Performance" category, providing a balance of performance and control. The Performance category is for all skiers at ease on all types of slopes and snow. In this category, comfortable, high-performance skis are offered, that guarantee stability and grip even at full speed, for all progressing skiers/snowboarders looking for a reliable and reassuring product.

- EXCELLENCE: Advanced skiers seeking high-performance gear should consider the "Excellence" category, offering top-of-the-line equipment for precision and speed. The Excellence category is for an experienced, demanding skier looking to maximise their fun. For this
category it will be the latest equipment for every terrain, both on and off-piste, for all skiers who want the best

Additionally, Skiset offers specialty categories such as "Premium" for premium equipment and "Kid" for children's gear:

- ECONOMY: Budget ski equipment. In the Economy category, equipment that is refurbished, maintained. All this, at a reduced price! For customers looking for the lowest price

- CHAMPION: High quality skis or snowboard for children aged from 8 to 13 inclusive and for children aged 12 to 13 inclusive, regardless of their level.Target : Young skiers or snowboarders requiring equipment that is specifically adapted to suit their ability and level.

- KID: The Kid category is for children aged from 6 to 11 inclusive, from beginners up to 2nd star level. We offer skis appropriate for their statures, enabling them to learn quickly and safety.
Target : Skis for young beginners or low intermediate.

- MINIKID: In the Mini Kid category, we offer skis for young children (under 6), perfect for safely carving their first turns. Target : Very young children, beginners

It's important to choose the category that best suits your skiing level and style to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience on the slopes.