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What language will my lesson be in?

Will my child have a Dutch speaking instructor? Will my child's lesson be in English?

When booking on our website, utilise our filter function to easily find a lesson in your preferred language.

Our diverse team of instructors advertising on our website, come from various nationalities and possess fluency in multiple languages. Whether it's a learned second language or proficiency in third and fourth languages, we strive to accommodate your language preferences.

You can find detailed information about the languages spoken by each instructor and school on their profiles. Simply check under the lesson description for the "Languages Spoken" section to ensure a seamless communication experience during your lesson.

Please ensure to specify your preferred language for the lesson in the "message to provider" section during checkout, particularly when booking a ski school. This is crucial because they may only have one Dutch-speaking instructor available, and they need to ensure their availability to accommodate your lesson request accordingly.

Please be advised that if you wish to guarantee instruction in a specific spoken language, booking Private Lessons is the best option. This ensures that your instructor can cater exclusively to your language requirements, providing you with a personalised learning experience tailored to your preferences.

In group lessons, the language dynamics can vary slightly. For instance, during peak English holiday periods in France, it's highly probable that the lesson will be conducted in English. Conversely, during French holiday periods, the lesson may be primarily in French, but the instructor will communicate and teach in English to cater to English-speaking children. It's important to note that in France, Dutch-speaking group lessons are generally not available, whereas in Austria, there might be more options.

If you're unsure about the language options available or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. They're here to assist you and can provide clarification or double-check any details regarding language preferences for your lessons.