What ski pass do I need?

Not sure which pass to get, or if you need one at all?

The ski pass required for your lesson will vary depending on factors such as your ability level and the specific resort. Some resorts offer free lift passes for children under 8, but it's essential to verify this information with the ticket office or tourism office website, as physical passes are still required.

For private lessons, you can typically purchase a pass tailored to your needs and desired skiing areas.

Beginners may not need a lift pass if nursery slopes are located at the base of the mountain, but it's crucial to confirm this with your provider. They can also advise on whether a local pass or full resort access is preferable, and some resorts offer special beginner pass options.

After booking a ski lesson, especially for beginners, it's recommended to consult with your ski school or instructor for guidance on the appropriate pass to purchase. They'll provide tailored advice based on your lesson plans and skiing objectives. Once you've determined the required pass, you can explore available deals and options on the lift pass office website to select the best package for your needs.